Hospital Testimonials

Our clients keep coming back again and again. Their own words say more about their level of satisfaction than we could ever express.

“Your team has exceeded our expectations. Thank you again for running a very swift and successful campaign. We are very happy about the quantity and quality of nurses that you were able to recruit,... and after 2 years we only lost 2 nurses.”

...RG and JB

“NSI is a professional and responsive organization and we partnered together wonderfully. NSI did everything it said they would do and generated and delivered highly experienced nurses. We are pleased with the quality of candidates and are comfortable with NSI representing us. They truly became us.”


“You can use me as a reference anytime, you did deliver everything you said you would. I would use your services again.”


“NSI nurses are a perfect cultural match, what a perfect fit. The doctors, staff and patients love them…thank you.”


“With NSI’s rapid hiring of 186 RN’s, we reduced our RN vacancy rate from 40% to <8%, and eliminated $15 million of excess cost; resulting in a $17 million reduced Nursing budget. We also reduced turnover from 31% to 10%, saving $11.9 million in cost of turnover; and through creative strategies nurse retention rates improved by 250%+"


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